TomTom Free (limited time) trial??
  • I am in Cambodia, and I like the free Navigator maps, but they lack some information.  I have seen some negative comments on the TomTom maps (I think around performance and battery consumption), so do not know if I want to buy.  Can you put in some way of trialling the TomTom maps for (say) one month, so that we can make an informed purchase decision?
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  • ... also, if I go for TomTom, do I lose my saved places?
  • at this moment we do not have time limited version, sorry
    performace and battery consumption is the same as with the free version
    you do not loose favourites, you should be able to see the4m in both free and paid maps
  • for an informed TTM data purchase decision maybe my post about lane guidance is helpful? the post also links to a youtube showing 1:1 differences between the 2 maps and their lane guidance performances; the sample track circuit parcours is very primitive but should be sufficient to give shoppers an idea to rather buy TTM data or not.
  • Probably irrelevant for Cambodia, but for Europeans there is another aspect to consider: unless there has been a drastic change in the year since I last looked at a TomTom map, their coverage of footpaths and cycling paths is so close to zero as makes no difference, so if you ever want to use Navigator while walking or cycling...

    [Just one example: during my latest vacation in Ireland I crossed Killarney on foot.
    TomTom Go would have chosen nearly the same route as for the Car profile - the exception being one one way street.
    In contrast, Navigator Free took me through a park, along paths behind houses,... and about 20% of the way along streets with motor traffic.]

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