Not able to load maps PC
  • I'm attempting to use PC Navigator 14 Free on my Windows 10 netbook. Installation appeared to be successful, but I don't seem to be able to download maps properly.On the setup menu I clicked "Install map data"  I clicked "Install maps to a memory card", selected drive C: and created a folder named "Gps maps".  I checked the box making this the default path. Then I clicked "back" and "Manage map downloads", selected USA-California, "next", English(USA), and "next".  A notification says "Operation completed successfully"  When I open PC Navigator 14 Free it says "no maps found install maps first application will now exit"  When I look in that "Gps maps" folder there are two .mca files named "sounds", etc.What the heck am I doing wrong?
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  • re you sure you downloaded California?
    open Setp utilities, go to Install map data/manage map downloads

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