Android UI Customization
  • How can I change the UI (User Interface) Icons and colors on a android. I would like to create a Night mode not only for the maps but the UI as well. Black and red as this would not effect a persons night vision.

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  • Changing icons is easy - rename APK to ZIP, open it in e.g. total commander, replace icons inside ZIP, rename it back to APK and install it

    To change color you have to decompile resources(e.g. by apktool), change it and pack it again BUT it would be such a hard work - I recommend to try modify icons only
  • I can add to that that if you use apktool that you have to be careful in what you change, as some changes require you to do way more than "only change things" as the CRC-check will no longer be correct and MNF will not be installed. In that case you have to do a little more "hacking" to get around the "signing" of the app.
  • Can the changes be done without changing the APK? My phone is hacked and I would like to just replace the Icons, where are they.
    As for the text, I wish that we had the ability to select the text color in the UI.


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