No Voice response during navigation mode
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    I'm running Navigator an a Motorola Moto E2. Everthing works fine. After selecting the new destination I choose 'Navigieren' and the womans voice response with 'Route wird neu berechnet'. The route is calculated well. But she neither give me hint's to make a left or right turn, nor the signal appears, when I am faster than it is allowed (these function is enabled for the case I am more then 10% above the allowed speed.

    I have deinstalled the app and reinstalled it again - current using 1.6.20...

    Is there any other voice file I have to download???? In that case please tell me, where I can find these option.

    Thanks for help
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  • I've mentioned it in another thread as well: In Android any android app can direct its audio output to media/music, as notification, and as "phone call". When connecting bluetooth it means that the channel bluetooth is using determines whether you hear a voice or not.
    I have asked before (a feature request) for a setting that allows you to choose the audio output option/channel, to be able to sync it with your bluetooth. Other nav apps, like OsmAnd, do have such an option.
  • @tomas please note this is an important issue as Navigator is used mostly in cars, with more and more Bluetooth integration
  • check that sounds have been downloaded in Map manager/download maps and also Settings/languages
  • I have checked it and I think that everything has been installed properly.

    The following links will lead you to a screenshot, where you can see the settings made:

    We are going to drive on holiday next saturday and I would be very happy get this case solved until then. Thanks for help.
  • does it work in simulation?
  • I see on the screenshot, that bluetooth is on. I have this problem:, where voice commands are automatically directed from MFN to Bluetooth if bluetooth is on. But if there is no bluetooth media device on the other end, I hear nothing.

    I could solve the problem using the app SoundAbout by which you can redirect any sound from phone apps to the local speaker, wired headset and so on. This worked for me.

    I have asked here in the forum to implement an option for such an output device to MFN, but to no avail until now.
  • Good thing this topic is pushed again. It's indeed frustrating I can either use Navigator voice or phone calls via Bluetooth....
  • @tomas

    The female voice appears only to confirm, that the route to the selected destination is going to get calculated. Than she doesn't gives information about the way I have to drive....
  • did you try simulation?
  • Ha, I have seen this feature for the first time.... brilliant. Yes, it works during simulation. I have made a test drive in my car this afternoon. I always have BT active at my Smartphone, because I need it for the telephone during I drive. When I use BT as source for music, the female voice leads me the way. When I choose CD as a music source with BT active, the female voice doesn't respond. When I set the Smartphone BT inactive and listen to my CD, the female voice is leading me via the loudspeaker from the Smartphone. But in that case I cannot use the phone which is not acceptable for me. I know, that it works prper with the Galaxy S3....

    I will try the hint shown from OLDIE and will let you know, if there are any other questions...

    Thanks Oliver
  • yes, I do realise this, thanks

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