Beta test channel via Google Play?
  • When MNF releases beta builds or now also the GLES alpha builds it is done via the MapFactor download server.

    However, he Google Play Store has a possibility to test beta versions of apps, which enables you to (temporary) download and use the test version from the Google Play Store instead of the standard available version(s).  The Google Play Store mechanism also supports the easy return to the standard version from the Google Play Store. It has the same auto-update feature as the default apps have, meaning automatically or you are prompted that "a new version is available...".

    MNF needs to setup a test page at (Note that this link won't work as it needs an extension like "com.mapfactor.navigator")

    This can be done for both the "normal" betas as well as for the GLES version.

    If MNF sets up such a page, a user can register herself/himself as a test user. From that moment you don't get the stable google play builds, but the test builds. At that same page you can "unregister" via a button "Leave the test version". You uninstall your test version and install the default version.

    Something interesting?

    (Note: Using alpha and beta versions enable you to use and test exciting new features, but it also means that you might encounter bugs or app crashes.)

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  • to my knowledge we do use beta channel on GP
  • Has that ever been communicated here? It's completely new to me.
    All alpha/beta builds were going via
    That is not Google Play.
    Also: what is the link as doesn't work.
  • on GP testing it goes later then on forum and your link seems to work fine
  • That link works for me because I had registered as a beta tester a few months ago on the Plus community here
    New beta versions were often announced on the Plus community, but that has not happened anymore recently, with the new betas and alphas only being announced here in this forum.

  • I hate google+ but never the less I registered and now the link works for me as well.
    I can theoretically create a valid url, but with the previous 2 apps I didn't need to register on g+
  • True is that we do not update it often

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