Tom Tom map trial?
  • I really dislike the MapFactor map screen on my Windows notebook, at least when using OSM maps. Also the OSM maps are woefully incomplete, at least in my area. 

    I am wondering if I was using Tom Tom maps would solve these issues, but I don't want to pay a license fee unless I am going to use them.  Is there any sort of free trial or other way I could evaluate them before purchasing them?

    Thanks for any help.
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  • apart from maps everything is the same, TomTom maps will not change interface
  • It is the map I do not like.  You have to zoom in way too far to see lesser roads & names.  In this regard, google maps are far superior.  I am hoping that Tom-Tom maps will be also.

    So I would still like to know if there is any way I could evaluate them before purchasing them.
  • @tomas

    When you say "interface" is that also how the maps look like or do tomtom maps in MFN have there own typical tomtomlike appearance?
  • maps look the same as well, no TomTom appearance
    it would not even be possible for us to use the same appearance foe legal reasons
  • Ok that answers my question - thanks.

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