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  • Hi. Could you somehow make the google search offline available for a place to find? When looking for streets and house numbers the Navigator search engine often does not find house numbers. Also I don't like that I have to enter these information (country/city/street/house number) all one after the other. I'd rather like copying whole adresses and enter them in Navigator and finding them quickly without having to be online and going to the "Google" seach page in Navigator. Hope you may change that. Udo
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  • this is truly impossible, probably even ilegal
  • Offline search works on the OSM data in the maps. OSM data lacks a lot of addresses. Only Denmark, Netherlands and Lithua (I think) is complete.

    And I guess what you mean with a google search offline is being able to do some text search based upon what Google does online. I think you know that Google has terabytes of in-memory cached databases. That is hard to do in a small phone. Copying the database offline would be impossible and completely illegal, but that is not what you mean I think.

    Of course other search strategies can be defined, but it's not very simple. Otherwise the "big ones" like TomTom or Navigon or Garmin would have had this already.
    They all work with the same hierarchy based search strategy with auto-complete functionality.

    And I have no idea how you want to copy a full address from "what/where" into a search screen. Somehow typing a full address takes as much time as a good hierarchical search strategy.

    And if you have that full address already: where did you get that: online?
  • I think he means he has an address that he got online (his address book, an article, whatever) & he wants to copy and paste it.  That is a lot quicker and less error prone.
  • That's exactly the point. If he got that address online, he doesn't need an offline solution as he is online.
    If he got it from his address book/contacts then MNF can simply use it as long as it is in the form "street (+ number) (+ zipcode) + city"
    That works fine. I also use it from my own Android app towards MNF. It's an intent MNF understands.

    Edit: What I want to say is that addresses from other apps can be used within MNF without such a search screen.

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