Map mode (3D/2D)
  • Please directly integrate a switch between 3D mode and 2D mode in the Navigator map view. I so often wanted to quickly change between these two modes, however I then had the problem that the map would not follow the car's position in the middle of a screen when I switched the view from 3D mode. Hope you can integrate the 2D mode directly when pressing the gray button on the bottom right, before just the map gets shown (without follwing the GPS position).
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  • click the three-mode button, bottom right in navigation view
  • I know. But once I click it Navigator won't follow my GPS position anymore... unfortunately (also when moving the map it won't follow my position anymore)
  • the only other way is in settings/navigation map mode
  • hello

    i have a similar question

    i run the navigation on my win CE China navigation system

    when i drive i got the 2D view , but i donĀ“t find the button to change to 3D

    when i use a navigation route, then i got 3D

    but i want i with no route "on".......3D view during normal drving (like all other navigation soft has)
  • there is no 3D in map view, only in navigation
  • Is there any technical reason for this or just something thats not added? I too am looking for an app that shows good 3d view (including clear current street names eg at top or bottom screen) when a route is not set
  • I wonder, how this could work.

    If you do not navigate, the soft can not know, into which direction you intend to drive. It only can assume, that you follow the road (or simply the direction) ahead and only, if you are moving. If you stand still, there is no logic, into which direction you will go on, except that in most cases not into that direction, where you just came from.
  • not to mention that GPS bearing is vey imprecise and moving all the time

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