Changing map colours
  • I apologise for posting so many questions; I am sure they will decrease with time and experience!
    I appreciate the facility to change colours of map elements.  I should particularly like to change the present 'Country' green that is in my 'Day mode United Kingdom'.  It appears that 1) a colour can be changed only by selecting a particular portion of a bar or square instead of being able to enter RGB or hexadecimal values and 2) there would be no way to revert to the original except, perhaps, by resetting Navigator as a whole.  Is this correct?  If so, should I make a Feature Request or has that been done already?
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  • I don't know which version you are using, but the newer versions have the color scheme editor. You can select/tap a scheme and you will get a popup enabling you to copy a scheme. From that moment you can "play" as much as you want.
  • hvdwolf
    I thank you for your reply.
    My version is 1.6.20. This is the latest version on Google Play. I have Settings>MAP;Map colors - Change map color schemes>Edit color scheme - Open editor for editing map color schemes. I wrote previously my choice is 'Day mode United Kingdom'. I have 'Choose action'; 'Edit scheme' (plus other choices). Touching 'Area' then 'Country' presents me with 'Frame' and 'Fill'. Choosing 'Fill' gives me the bar and square of which I wrote earlier.

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