Create a .gpx file without planning a route
  • I know that a .gpx file can be created if I plan a route with its start and end points and select 'Navigate'.  I wonder if it is possible to activate the creation of a .gpx file when simply setting out on a journey without the route being known in advance? 
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  • Go to "Tools" ->"record/replay/edit GPS data" and then choose either record as NMEA or record as GPX.
    At the end of your trip you just stop recording at the same place.

  • Uli
    I thank you for your reply.
    I have 'Record/Replay/Manage GPS files' on my 'phone.Touching that gives me the page with NMEA and GPX at the top.  I have a few .gpx files there from past navigated journeys.  A box at the bottom left has a solid dark grey square with 'Stop replaying' in white on a light grey background, which does nothing when touched.  Nothing shows to record as GPX.  I carried out a return journey this morning: I chose a destination and touched 'Navigate' for my outward journey but nothing for my return journey, but I had the 'phone switched on for its whole length.  A .gpx file was recorded for the outward journey but nothing for the return.  I was not surprised: it seems I am missing a button of some sort to start and stop recording.  I toggle my eTrex Legend from 'Track off' to 'Track on', for example.
  • Maybe you have replayed another GPX track, then Stop replaying should stop that mode and show on that button "Record as ...".
    Try stopping and starting MNF or even reboot your device, something seems to have got stuck.
  • You have to select the tab with GPX.
    At the bottom you have the buttons"Record as GPX", "Stop playing". The latter is inactive ("greyed out") unless you really play one of your stored gpxes.

  • I have powered off my 'phone and restarted it.  I have selected the GPX tab and the bottom of the page has only the same greyed out button I described earlier.  It has never been any different to my knowledge.  I do not remember seeing at any time the buttons described, unfortunately.
  • it is at the bottom
  • Uli and hvdwolf
    I revisited 'Settings' and wondered about 'GPS positions recording'.  This was set at or I had set this as 'Save as GPX automatically'.  I assumed that is what I required.  Changing the selection to 'Turn on/off manually' gives me the 'Record as GPX' button.  I assume, therefore, a mixture of routes I am travelling to both selected and unselected destinations requires this setting.  Consequently, it implies every journey undertaken for which a .gpx file is required must have this button checked before departure.
  • silvermapper
    You seem to have reached a workable solution
    From my experience the 'Save as NMEA (or GPX) automatically' options will record a track only when you use 'Navigate' or use 'Route Info" to pre-define and navigate a route
    When 'GPS positions recording' is set to 'turn on/off manually' you must start the GPS via the phone controls and then start recording with the 'Record as GPX' button
    The flashing red dot on screen lower right can then be swiped left to allow the recording to be paused/restarted/stopped  Unfortunately it seems that the recorded track cannot be displayed on screen during the recording
  • ianL
    You make an interesting point regarding the flashing red dot.  I am learning each day what Navigator FREE offers and how to use it.  I made a return journey yesterday without navigation but with 'Record as GPX' activated. I switched off my 'phone at my destination and restarted it for my return journey.  The outward journey recorded only.  It is merely that my beloved Garmin eTrex Legend, which toggles between 'Track off' and 'Track on' will retain its 'on' status after switching off and on again if set.  I shall be interested to practice with the pause/restart/stop buttons you mention to determine how best to use the .gpx recording function, with which I am already delighted.  
  • I have had similar experience with no recording after pause for about 15 min and then restart (using the flashing red button feature) On that occasion I finished with two .gpx files each with correct unique time in file name  However both files showed the same trace for just the first part of the trip  The second file did not record the latter part of the trip
    But it is not consistent  A short trip today with pause and restart after about 15 sec gave me one file with all parts of the trip recorded correctly
    So, have not got this sorted yet  Possibly a bug
    For good .gpx route recording, display of the trace during recording and reliable stop/restart of the recording I prefer to use free OruxMaps app  If you are also a Garmin fan it has the advantage that it can import and use open source .img files via Basecamp  I have installed .img topo maps for off-road hiking/biking  But it is not a good turn by turn navigator like Navigator Free which is the one for that purpose  This is getting off topic so if interested further you might try sending me a message using Start New Conversation (via Inbox in top toolbar)
  • I tried some further track recording tests and could not repeat the problem of the missing trace after pause/restart   Tracks for the full route were recorded  However if the app is stopped (Menu/Exit) the track record is stopped and it seems you cannot add to it at a later time
    Conclusion  The track recording feature appears to work correctly

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