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  • I have asked this before (and lubos responded on it as being a nice idea) but I can't find my own request back (second feature request: Implement a better search engine in this vanilla forum  :) ).

    When walking or cycling or driving a touristic route, I prefer to have my gpx recording on and when back I'd like to examine this. In the GPS menu in MNF I have the following options : Show on map, Replay, Rename, Delete, Delete All, Share as GPX. 
    Please add the option "GPX Info" (or whatever you want to call it.)

    What I would like to see is (with some examples from a short walk last evening):
    Distance: 2.9 km (3661 points)
    Start time: 2015-06-27, 20:03:27
    End Time: 2015-06-27, 20:39:06
    Time (span): 35:39
    Average height/altitude: 45 m
    Min/Max height/altitude: 36 m - 59 m

    This is from an MNF recording so all data is readily available and you know how to write it and read it back.
    There are of course several tools available but it would require only 20-40 lines of code (if I would do it in python or in a shell script) to do this, and it would give so much useful info.
    I know you support NMEA as well but the entire world records and shares its tracks in GPX and so do I.

    Edit: If others read this and like this: please use the blue "upvote" button next to the discussion. It also gives MapFactor an idea how many users are interested.

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