Navigator keep crashing
  • My dad was making a trip to Indiana to attend a funeral last minute and the best thing i could think of for him was to use this app because it uses OSM data. Unfortunately, it was constantly crashing on him as he was trying to get up there. As for which version was crashing, the most up to date version. It's, actually, crashed on me as well. But, I never thought anything of it because it was easy for me to get it up and working again. He has a Samsung SM-T210R and I have the SM-T310.
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  • this usually happens when map files are corrupted or SD faulty
    try to delete relevant maps and redownload
  • I'll keep that in mind the next time I have a map problem. The thing is not only was this the first time I installed Navigator on that tablet, it was the first time any maps had been downloaded to that tablet to begin with. So, was the map file corrupt from the very start? Or were we just that unfortunate?
  • it could happen during download
  • go to settings and click Send logs
    please make it for my attention
  • It took me a while to get his attention (different work schedules). Unfortunately, he deleted the app from his tablet during the trip because it was causing him so many problems. Fortunately, I use the app quite often. So, I'll be sure to send you crash logs every time it crashes on me.

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