Mapfactor xml to gpx or itn
  • Hi,

    i work my tracks out with and exporting it to xml(Mapfactor) as track. Importing into routing_points.xml works good and i can drive this track perfectly. If i want to make any change the does not import this again and there is no other converter importing this xml-file.
    How can i do this ? digger doesn´t work for that !

    Thanks in advance
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  • I don't understand.

    You have imported your route, so it is now available inside Favorites -> My routes.
    From there you can select it (single-tap) and you can "share as gpx". That works fine for me. 
    I import it again in RouteConverter
  • Edit - do you have the android or wince version ? in wince there is no menu for that.

    interesting ! I didn´t know that. Maybe i should study the manual more first ....

  • I have the android version. I did not think of differences with the wince version.
  • never mind - i found a solution. itn-converter is able to import the mapfactor xml file - i can work with that.

    Thanks anyway !

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