Missing DE translation in intinerary
  • In the intinerary, using German application language, there is no German translation for "Take exit xx".
    It should be "Ausfahrt xx nehmen"

    PS: It would be nice if there was a space between distance number and unit (e.g. "100 m" instead of "100m")
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  • Additional word about this space - maybe for short distance unit is no needed (10 km, 1 km, but simply 500, 300, 100).

    Ver.1.6.14 has this space!
  • Maybe, but what about yards and meters? I know that a yard is 0.9144 meter so there's not much difference, but still.
    Personally I prefer to here the "unit of measure" also in short distances even though that might just be a habit.
  • It is really worth consider.
    Voice still the same, without changes, unit also.
    Look at example: 100 km and 100 m. Only one letter difference. Better visible and more contrast is simple 100.
    100 km or 100 m vs. 100 km or 100
    Just additional one thought.
  • Would the voters who gave a negative rating please explain why?
    No matter what others have said, it's still about a missing German translation only ...
  • Add to file tts navigation.xml, in 'de' language:

          <!-- Take slip road. -->

    and delete dot in tts.xml, A-SL-00-00, at the end of the sentence.
    The same is in 'pl' language.

    '-1' for me is O.K., but for usefull topic it is illogical.

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