Speed sign in maps when not navigating
  • Hi, I'm a new user of this app and after checking 5 different navigation apps it seems that this is the one I'm going to use.

    As I am often using the app as speed limit control I'd appreciate if the max. speed sign would be shown on the map not only while navigation is running but also when only the map is shown. I remembered that the acoustic control is active in this mode in behind, what I really appreciate, but I never know if the app recognized the current speed limit or not because I have no visual control...

    Also I would like to be able to set the silent mode separately for the navigation and the warnings (to leave the important speed limit warnings active while the navigation sound is switched off).

    Would be great if this could be implemented....! Thanks :-)

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  • Silent mode with warning active:
    Install SoundAbout tts, from Google store and change in Android - Setting ... TTS voice to SoundAbout TTS.
    Works with speedcameras warning, hope also with speed limit warnings.
  • I think that's not the point. Map Factor does provide acoustic warnings in map mode without navigation (I didn't check so far if only for speed limits or also for speed cameras but had several warnings for speed limits).

    The problem is that in map mode without navigation the speed limits are not shown in the map as they are in the navigation mode on the right side of the display. As not all limits are availlable in the maps for me it is not clear if mapfactor knows the current speed limit or not.

    Your proposal, if I understand you correctly, is that I shall run the navigation in silent mode to have the speed limits shown in the display. That's not what I want because during my daily ways there is no need to always run the navigation...

    For the moment all I can do is to trust the program (which I think is not the best way as the problem are the open maps not mapfactor). So I think in this case I have to run another app where this issue is implemented.

    Anyway, thanks and I hope this will be implemented sometimes...

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