(Edited) Change overspeed and speed/red light camera warnings to tts; Make items translatable
  • Edited: I completely forgot request 1.

    Feature request 1:
    Currently the over speeding warning (menu Speed warning threshold) is a really, terrible sound.  I already replaced it myself with a more neutral alerting double beep.
    Please make this a tts warning for those tts users like: "You are exceeding the speed limit", or in Dutch: "U overschrijdt de maximum snelheid".

    Feature request 1 2:
    Currently the speed and camera warnings are just sounds. However, I would really like this to be tts warnings for tts users.

    Something like:
    "Warning, after 1000 meters, speed camera"
    "Warning, after 500 meters, speed camera"
    "Warning, after 100 meters, speed camera" 

    and of course the same for "cameralight". Modifying the tokens, like all the other tts commands, could give some flexibility like "Warning, speed camera, after 500 meters" instead of the above mentioned.

    Feature request 23:
    Currently the phrases within the "Camera" menu are "cameralight" and "cameraspeed". As such these phrases are not correct (from my point of view). They should be called "red light camera" and "speed camera" (or the plural form).
    They are not translatable either. Probably simply because they are taken from POI files that you can download for these warnings. (And of course I changed the file name for the mca files, but the name is taken from the meta-data inside the mca).
    Anyway: If not possible to translate, could the filename and internal name be changed to the correct proper english phrase?
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  • 1. I have standard beep. It is short, the only such sound and used too often, especially in the towns.
    2. I agree and I have my own wav, synthetised sound file, but voice is slight different - just the other person. Sometimes this two girls talk to me together.
    4. Additional issue, still active - Navigator doesn't remember my warning preferences ( I have many POIs).
  • Your (unintentional?) suggestion is excellent. I can make my tts speak and save it. That way I can make my own warnings, untill my feature requests gets implemented (or not).
    Thanks. Why haven't I thought of that myself?
  • You can also use the "old" Google translate trick in your browser by copying in the url (for your language):
    http://translate.google.com/translate_tts?tl=en&q="You are exceeding the speed limit"  (That's how I did it for another nav app when it did not yet have tts and I didn't like the texts).

    Right-click the embedded mediaplayer in your browser window, save as mp3, convert to wav (scout_default.wav, scout_1000.wav, scout_500.wav, scout_100.wav) and copy to the "Navigator/warningsounds" folder

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