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  • Got navigator on tablet and maps lots of "my places". Downloaded navigator on my phone and dropped the favourites into the same location on the phone sd card but my phone can't see the file (i.e. not listed under my places). Where is the favourites file held? Any help would be good
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  • android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/

  • I too want to copy "my places" (favourites.xml) from my tablet to a phone, and I know I have the correct location, as I did as chattiewoman said to do. But MF (android) still does not see it.
  • MNF overwites the favourites.xml upon exit. Once you have tested, you need to really close MNF (no back button, but really close) and then copy the favourites.xml to the correct location.
  • Depending on current settings, you are probably in an incorrect folder.
    Just as a test, add a place to "my places" using the app and check where the new file has been created.

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