Samsung Galaxy S4 - Selecting a object is impossible
  • after 20 attemts i was able to set a drive through point or a road-blocking, and getting the right lane of a autobahn is impossible. On a Samsung Galaxy Pocket works it fine. Maybe the Full HD Screen making problems.
    When driving back, and you have a drive through point at a autobahn - its then at the wrong side and you have a big problem. When route be reversed, then it should moving the routing points of a autobahn also to the other Lane
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  • Hi Matthias
    this is most likely GPS problem -
    GPS is controlled by Android, Navigator cannot make GPS reception
    better or worse.

    Try to reboot your device, it quite often helps.
  • The problem have nothing to do with the gps. I mean selecting of streets by tap with the finger at display. It need 2 seconds for selection a part of a street, and to get the right part is a pain. 1.6.11 seems to be a little bit better, but not good.

    For the problem with the wrong lane of a autobahn i need also a better solution than every autobahn drive through points moving by hand when making the back route.
  • I am sorry, I do not understand what the problem is
  • ok. by tapping your finger on a road should this road be selected for getting info or set target or start or a routing point. But this is heavy with a S4. Sorry my bad english
  • I see, by heavy you mean slow?
    I think you can set it in Android settings/language and input/pointer speed
  • i have no mouse installed. It should go with the touch screen. But this is slow and difficult, because most time it won´t select a part of the road. A Samsung Galaxy S4 is a Smartphone. Sure, a mouse should work with it, but i dont take a mouse with me when i drive a tour.
  • I did not say anything about mouse, on contrary, I mentioned Android settings
  • /language and input/pointer speed
    have to do with mouse and track pad. When i use only the touch screen of a S4 have this setting no effect, because there is no pointer at display.
    But it seems, in 1.6.11 is the selecting of roads better, i have tested it in Berlin and in Bad Hersfeld at the Kirchheimer Dreieck.
  • I think that pointer means your finger in Android
  • The menu in my ICS is:


    In English
    Pointer Speed"

    This is not the finger.

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