Make GPS Info to a Dashboard
  • In many cases I know the route (partly very well) and need routing just as time check, if I will arrive in time or not.

    In that cases I do not need the map. I would prefer to have a kind of a dashboard including a trip computer. I know, there are lots of apps in the playstore, but memory is very small on my Xperia Active. And having all this in o n e app (as for example Oruxmaps has as highly configurable dashboard), would be much more elegant and MFN should anyway have all data needed. My small screen has space just for three panels on the bottom.

    What could be on the dashboard:

    arrival time
    Level above sealevel
    km to go
    km driven on the trip
    average speed
    duration to go
    time spent on the trip
    satelittes fixed
    satellites in view

    Thank you in advance for your consideration ;-)
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  • You can setup (almost all of?) these points as info panels at the bottom of the map. It's not as big as you might wish, but it's there.
  • But as you write: ist not big and it is max. three on my screen. On a dashboard I would have a dozen or so. And for a.m. situation I have a large map I do not need.
  • I cannot imagine it, can you make example picture?
  • The appstore is full of speedometers.

    Just two examples. Panels are mostly configurable. So just use existing data from MFN.

    fashionable like Ulysse
    more classic style like X-tacho

  • what is the advantage?
    is it just better visibility, or something else?
  • It is visability but it is also a focus on information more interesting for me when driving rather than a known route on a map (see above). If I see, how many different speedometers (with additional information rather than only speed) are available in the play market, I do not feel lonely. ;-)

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