Searching POI just by his name
  • An example:
    I know the name of a hotel called Lüdinmühle and that it is anywhere in the region around Freiburg in southwest of Germany. With internet I can find it by name using Google. But in a foreign country online would produce horrible costs so I would prefer offline searching inside of Navigator. Osmand has this inside. Any chance to get it with Navigator free?
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  • I am not sure if I get you wrong or you really couldn't find the function - because you can search offline through POIs using:
    Search button --> then tab "POI" (or German "OVI")

  • And also with German on non-german keyboard layouts: Lüdinmühle will become Luedinmuehle.
    Same for Danish, Swedish and Norwegian names: ø will become oe.
    (And you will most definitely forget this one day and not be able to find a POI, city, Name, etc :) )
  • search > POI > by address > Germany > ANY > Travel and accomondation > hotel or motel
    type Ludin

    in OSM it is called Ludinmühle
  • Oh how blind was I because I never saw that "any" after choosing country.
    Shame on me...

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