• Hi Mapfactor Team,

    do you ever heard from OpenCelliD yet?

    It is a location service like Google services for location through out
    the mobile Cell Id.

    The advantage to google: You will be able to download the database to
    your phone. So you can navigate and locate also in closed rooms with no
    gps signal. You do not need mobile data connection to locate! :-)

    The use of service is free when you are contributing to the Network Open
    Cell ID. This would be easy with integration in Mapfactor Navigator.

    Are you interested? Have a look to the Wiki or to the overview:

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  • I really like openCellID and have been using keypadmapper from enaikoon quite some time for both address mapping and opencellid collecting (You could find my phone if you know where to look for)

    Why would you want this built into Navigator? It can't be used to navigate where MNF is meant for. The positioning is way too inaccurate for car navigation. You mention the "closed rooms with no gps signal" example, but it's not accurate enough. It would be the "closed big building" example.
    And car/bike/hike navigation is in the open where you're supposed to have a GPS signal.

    There are already many opencellid apps in the play store and they can be run in the background when navigating. That's also what I did on the road while using a navigation app (well, in about 40-50% of the rides)

    The only reason to build this into a navigation app is to make sure that you collect when navigating as you won't be able to forget to switch on your cellid collecting app. 

    I do agree with you that it still needs to be promoted and many users here are "GPS addicts". So this is the right place.
    You should also try the OsmAnd mailing list, that one is open-source. :)
  • openCellid seems really good to me. I believe its accuracy is not quite high though...
    As far as I know from this article, Google uses GPS signal, Cell ID and Wi-Fi and other wireless connections to locate the device, and if only Cell ID is used, it might be pretty difficult to say where exactly the device is, especially when you are far from cellular towers (in the countryside etc).
    We all need an alternative to Google services, but only those ones that can use various wireless interfaces to locate the device. For most of users, accuracy is a priority.

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