When driving wrong - Route will be recalculated
  • Sometimes this recalculating is counter productive and i want a possibility to disable it.
    When recalculating disabled, it should say me "you drive wrong, turn back.
    By the way - A Target should also be outside of a road und not moved to the next road.
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  • First thing is, what MF effectivly does. It recalculates a route that mostly goes rather straight back to the original route. Just "turn back" may not be helpful in many cases. How do you react on "turn back"? What is the place to "turn back" to, if it is not recalculated? How to turn back on a highway or other oneway?

    As far as I know MF uses as target a place on the nearest road nearby. MF can only use roads for navigation. Since there are no data beyond the road data, I wonder how it could be possible to navigate to a place, which has no data in the database (map). And I dont think, that it is helpful if MF would navigate us inside a shopping mall, an airport or any other large building or closed area such as runway for planes etc. (as it does sometimes for service roads of airports - see somewhere here in the forum :-o
  • How about not a airport or a kaufland with ironroof sondern a Forest? or a Mountain? A Back to my calculated Route when driving off road?

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