Toll Road setting issue in MNF! example OSM Ireland Dublin to Killarney
  • update: Toll Road switch in settings is not always used in calculating route
    With Mapfactor navigator 1.5.22 free android with recent map: Ireland OSM 44-201502200.
    Ask a route from Dublin to Killarney, Ireland. Settings car, fastest not shortest route, Toll Road allowed. For one reason or another navigator decides to leave the M7 at Port Laoise and takes the R445 through Port Laoise. Should navigator not stay preferred on the M7? Instead of taking the shortest route?
    Openstreetmap follows the M7 motor way: OSM Dublin to Killarney

    screenshot Navigator taking R445
    screenshot OSM following M7

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    I looks like Navigator should stay on M7.

    Anyway, all nice places to be there :)>-

    Navigator does something similar at Marienberg, Germany

    In navigates trough the town (and not around via B174), even if set to fastest and speeds (and partly road preferences) in towns are set substantially lower than outside of towns.
  • I know lovely green as usual. Perhaps an option with preferred bypass?
    I use way points for the moment
  • In my case MNF stays on the M7. I use  the 1.6.20 beta with the same map. Did you make adaptations to your car profile? Or have you selected another profile?
  • After defaulting free navigator it works as expected. No idea what plays up.
    Still the relation
    - Toll Road (Tolweg toegestaan)
    - Charge Road (Wijzig weg) <- wrong translation here (Rekening rijden of zoiets)
    - congestion charge (Milieubelasting)
    Have strange effects. Once a route has been calculated. None of these seem to have any more effect on the route when Itinerary -> calculate route?
    Example Town centre Dublin to Town centre Killarney
    - calculate with Toll Road and you go over M7 (correct)
    - calculate without Toll Road and you go over Kilkenny (N10) (correct)
    - calculate again with Toll Road and you keep going over Kilkenny (N10) (wrong)
    - only after calculate again with Toll Road  you're back on the M7 (correct)

    Tried 1.6.1 yesterday, but this one fails to run. See you did reply on this report. will try 1.6.2.
    Got 1.6.3  now :)

  • 1.6.3 with new OSM Ireland map 44-201503210.
    Same Behaviour: In Route Info switching between Toll Road allowed / not allowed.
    Changes are only taken in account after certain time not even on 2nd or 3rd Calculate route.
    Very confusing not knowing what is calculated at this point.
  • A similar situation arises when traveling from Oostende, Belgium to Calais, Pas-de-Calais, France.
    Depending selection on Toll Road allowed or not. Navigator free leaves the A16 and takes the N335 through Dunkirk. (Dunkerque)
    OSM Oostende - Calais
    It should not even consider that option. As far as I know there is no toll there.
  • "- Charge Road (Wijzig weg) <- wrong translation here"

    Thanks. Changed and sent to MNF. Don't know in which release it will be available.
    I misread it as "Change Road", which is not so strange in a nav app.
  • Your welcome: wish full reading happens to everyone ;)
    Can you confirm the Toll Road setting behaviour as given in Ireland example .

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