Include MapFactor in Android Deployments
  • I'm looking to include MapFactor as a system app on Android devices, but when I add the apk to system/apps, it launches and asks the location of the map storage, then freezes with a white screen.

    If I don't include the apk in system/app, but install from an SD card, it runs fine.  How can I include this as a system app so users can't install it?
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  • if you have root rights on device, try to open /data/log and find there something about navigator and send it to us... there are problems with Android 4.4.2, other versions may work well
  • There are other ways as well. In the time that I created custom roms for Archos tablets it sometimes turned out that some apps simply couldn't be installed as system app. Just package these apps in your rom and make them install on first initialization. It is very simple to test whether an app is already installed or not: if not then install it.

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