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  • I installed mapfactor navigator free today on a nexus 7 and downloaded the aruba map for an upcoming trip.  I have entered the Radisson resort as the starting point and Nijhoffstraat, San Nicolas, Aruba as the ending point (we are going to a house at Nijhoffstraat number 5).  When I select each in the Route Info, I am able to show both on the map...but when I use the calculate or simulate route option in the Tools menu I get "Route Not Found".  What am I doing wrong?
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  • please provide departure and destination in coordinates
  • how do i obtain the coordinates?
  • @zink88

    you have probably set your starting point inside the lower entrance road. This does not seem connected to the Irausquin Boulevard, probably a wrong mapping. If you set the destination just right next on the boulevard there is no route possible. But if you use the northern entry road then routing is possible.
    In the rendering of the windows versions the lower entry is even visibly not connected to the boulevard.

    And I also don't know how to obtain coordinates in Android, whereas it's easy in the Windows version.

  • I changed the start point to the northern entry road as you suggested and can now get routing...thank you.  Is there an on-line tutorial for this application that provides in-depth explanation of the various icons and features?
  • From another post in this forum:

    you can download manual here:
  • Hello,
    in the manual are not certain icons that appear on the map in a route with stages. For example: a round red arrow (gender target for arc). I do not know what it means. Who can answer me. Thank you.

    (translation from French via Google)
  • round red arrow?
    please email screenshot
  • Unfortunately I can not make screenshot of this "target". These icons have disappeared this morning to launch the software.
    They looked like a red archery target with a red arrow pointing down and overlapped each flag-step
    (I can not put here a screenshot: message "Body 15355 characters is too long").

    I also have a ? red which. I know the meaning. I can not delete it. It appears from my point geolocation.

    Maybe it's a bad GPS signal?

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