BEX Error thrown for PC_Navigator.exe / MSVCR90.dll on startup
  • This happens to either the free or paid version of PC Navigator.

    During application start up the splash screen is shown then I get "MapFactor Navigator has stopped working". Showing details gives the following information:
    Problem Event Name:  BEX
    Application Name: PC_Navigator.exe
    Application Version:
    Fault Module Name: MSVCR90.dll
    Fault MOdule Version: 9.0.30729.4940
    Exception offset: 0006ccb5
    Execution Code: c0000417

    There were no recent MS updated applied. There were no other changes on the system (Win 7 Pro 32). I've uninstalled MapFactor and reinstalled with no change. I know this is tied to MS Visual C Redistributable, but the version of the file doesn't match up with the ones listed under "Programs".

    Checkdisk and system file checker did not return any issues

    Disabled Data Execute Protection with no effect.

    This is used in a CarPC where the system goes into hibernation. I don't recall anything happening prior to this starting to freak out. Centrafuse 4, BlueIris 4 and a handful of other applications (VLC, Winamp, CCCP, requirements for Centrafuse) are installed and working fine. There are a number of references on the web pointing all around. Has anyone run into anything that relates? (I read the other thread about mep and there being a ";" at the begining of a list file, but I don't see that being relevant here. I'd happily be wrong though)
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  • Update:

    After uninstalling / reinstalling multiple times with the package I'd pulled off the site in early February, I downloaded a new installer and all is working as expected.

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