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  • Hello together,

    I had an Android phone before and really liked Mapfactor.

    Now I have a Blackberry Passport and also use Mapfactor (as the Blackberry OS has an Android port installed in the OS).

    In general, it works flawlessly.

    I'm asking you to offer an official Blackberry version in the Blackberry Market. I think, a lot of Balckberry people don't know Mapfactor, but would like to use it.

    There are just some minor things, that have to be added to make it run perfect on Blackberrys.

    1.Closing of Mapfactor: Mapfactor can only be closed through the exit button in Mapfactor. Blackberry offers active frames with the option to close an app. Unfortunately, the closing option does not work (Mapfactor disappears but still runs in the background and uses the battery). Could you please add this feature?

    2.Active frames: the above mentioned active frames are not supported by Mapfactor. It would be great to have an arrow navigation as active frame. Could you please add this feature?

    3.Running with screen turned off: unfortunately, Mapfactor loses the GPS signal as soon as the screen turns off. Could you please add an option to make it continue running?

    4.Back button: it is necessary to click the back button twice when searching for an adress to get back. Could you please change this?

    If you need someone to test a Blackberry version, please inform me. I want to support you.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards
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  • Noone else, who wants to see Mapfactor on Blackberry and using the Blackberry features?
  • Hi Sofo,
    You are not alone but I think we are alone :) .

    I am Blackberry user, have both Z10 & Z30. I use the Z10 because of its size. I have a Samsung as well but I cannot get use to it after using a blackberry for the last 13 years!!

    I had some issues with the previous OS 10.2 but I used to grin and bear it as I love the Blackberry OS

    Now with the OS 10.3 I experienced #1 as well - I don't think I had that on OS 10.2, it will exit all together and not be minimised as it happens now.

    But my main concern is the problem I encountered at my last ride on Sunday. I was following my recorded route when suddenly it blacked out. I had to re-start the navigation (not ideal as I had to clear passed waypoints) This happened twice within 5 minutes but after that worked ok for the next 1.5 hours. I don't think this the same as #3 as it worked OK for 1.5 hours.

    Just now, I was doing a search and it just flashed an "encountered...." and switched off.

    I might have to downgrade to 10.2 which is the last thing I want to do.. but I don't think you can do on Passport.


  • I had a Samsung phone before, and I never ever want to get back to the Android OS. I think the Blackberry OS is much smarter and way more efficient.

    I'm hoping that all the features that are provided by the Blackberry OS will be used one day by Mapfactor. I really like Mapfactor. It helped me out so many times all over the world.

    There is no 10.2 for the Passport and I never had problems with the crashing of Mapfactor.

    In my opinion, the changes that have to be made to adapt Mapfactor to Blackberry are minor. Therefore, I think it is a manageable task and not too much work. I hope, this will be done one day :)
  • You are very optimistic. Blackberry's market share is less than 1%. Android about 80%.
  • Sofo and I we are members of an elite group - not like the rest of you.... :-h

    Its like driving a Lamborghini - their share of the market is less than 0.0001% but still the best :) :)
  • @SOFO

    Just installed v1.5.22 - please try it out and let me know if you get the same behaviour when exiting the app.

    I get a blank screen with just the go back arrow. I minimise the screen (active frame)  and tapping the minimised frame it restarts the app.

  • @stavrich: Good for you that you belong to the happy few.

    It's also a fact that 99% of the cars can tow a caravan. I have never seen a lamborghini with a caravan behind it :)
    (And I don't know whether that is postive or not)
  • The only thing better about a Porch 911 compared to a Fiat Panda is that it can go faster. (But only if you are in Germany). I guess it's the same for a Lamborghini except that they cost even more.
  • From our Google Analytics: there are 11 Blackberry navigator users in the whole world.
  • One is a friend of mine who has just bought an HTC one mini 2 this week and junked his blackberry Z10.
  • We are definitely an elite group then !! Hooray!!!

    As we are the minority navigator users we should be treated the same way as the Android users and not be discriminated against .... :-))

    Seriously, the application works very well on BB - only minor OS issues (especially on BB10 OS 3.1) that the developers should be able to resolve very quickly and easily..

    Sofo volunteer to help with any testing and I will be happy to do the same..

    PS. Do try the BB Z30 - you might be pleasantly surprised .... ;-)
  • I think the reason why you only see 11 BlackBerry users is that Google Analytics can be disabled. Me personally, I also disabled Google Analytics as I think it is a way of observing people (data security).

    Moreover, OS10 does not support the Google Play services. I don't know if this is necassary for Google Analytics. But it is possible to install the Google Play services. Perhaps these 11 people have Google Play services. Therefore I'm asking if Google Play services are used for Google Analytics.

    In my opinion, there are just some minor things to be adjusted to make it working perfectly on OS10.

    I would appreciate it a lot to see Mapfactor working perfectly on OS10.

    Thank you. I would like to help you as I think, Mapfactor is for me the best Satnav solution available.
  • I think we wont realize BB "port" of navigator, sorry
  • Hi guys,

    may I join your elite Group?

    I'm using Navigator on a Blackberry Z30.
    analytics are disabled where possible so I'm not part of the mentioned 11.

    As a fan of Navigator, I would prefer to get all actual Features working, but through Amazon market there is only an old beta-Version available. The navigation-part works fine, but moving maps to SD-Card doesn't work. also OVI search is poor in this version.

    Tried also to run the version on Google Play Store, but that version hangs when taping "Search"

    Our company decided for Blackberry upon security-features and I think that's a Little trend - and thats why I'm using the offline navigation app Navigator.

    As BB improves Android-support it should be a little effort to support Navigator on BB.
  • we are growing!!! :-h

    @navquenni - I am using it on both z10 and z30 with no problems. It works exactly the same way as on my Samsung. Minor issue is when closing application - just make sure is closed and not left running in the background.

    My main device is the z10 (mainly because of size) and is installed on my 64gb sdcard and have both OSM and TomTom maps.

    Searches work fine but make sure you choose search "near map centre" or "near gps position". it does not work very well on "everywhere".

    My only suspicion is that if it is set as enterprise device and partitioned with business and personal areas it could be that your BES administrators have restricted some functionality for security reasons.

    When working, I had my administrators create an unrestricted profile for myself (mind you they were reporting to me at the time ;-)  ).

    Make sure you have the latest OS 10.3.2  and download the latest MFN version

    here is a screenshot from my Z10

    You should have no problems - but be happy to help you as I love the BB and cannot get used to any other device.


  • @stavrich: The sd-card is recognized at the actual version on Playstore. but as mentioned when tapping search that version hangs. I've no chance to select where to search :-(
    next I try the version 1.6 linked by tomas. thanks for that.

  • The 1.6 seems to be the Version on play-store and has the same error, hanging when tapping on search button.

    my OS Version is and admin has restricted OS-update. Do you think that is a OS-Problem resolved with 10.3.2?
  • @navguenn - it should work on all BB OS versions and Mapfactor versions. I think there is something wrong with your OS - a corruption somewhere. 

    My suggestion is to reload device software via Blackberry Link and upgrade to 10.3.2 (if not reloaded with latest).
    Then install Mapfactor version from here

    As I have said - it does work.  Mine were working with the previous BB OS versions and the various Mapfactor updates. 

    Let us know how you get on...........
  • Just a short question: does for anyone work the Google search function? If yes, what did you do to get it working?
  • @sofo - on BlackBerry I found that searches work fine when you choose search "near map centre" or "near gps position". It does not work very well on "everywhere".

    Try it and see if it works for you.
  • Hi,

    now I've tried all provided Versions and new maps. All have the same Problems.
    Only the Beta Version from Amazon store works.

    Changes at OS are not possible for me, because restricted by company-admin.

    As The Beta Version does'nt recognize SD-Card, there are obviously different OS-parts used by the Versions.

    I suppose that new search Dialog wants to use anything that's prohibited by admin restrictions like usage of adress book or similar.

    In a few weeks or Company will update to os vers 10.3.2 but as stavrich states it should work at all OS-Versions, I've only little hope that OS-Update changes anything.

    thank you for all your efforts,


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