All these SatNav app's are the same!!!
  • Sygic, MapFactor, Aponia, all of these sat nav software app's are from the same place! The same company!
    And what every one of them has in common apart from problems is usage, is that you CANNOT convert your POI's once they are in the software.
    At least TomTom POI's can be converted to anything else, but all of these app's use a proprietary database which cannot be converted later, so you are absolutely stuck with it once you start using it.

    AVOID like the plague!!
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  • Oh, come on.

    OV2 is also a proprietary format. The fact that TomTom was long the only nav app supplier made other users hack the ov2 format. It can be done with the mca format as well. Use a hexeditor to find the structure.
    I have used several apps and always use an intermediate format to get to the end format. Be it ov2, mca, navigon (also closed format but hacked), etc.

    If you don't want a proprietary format, or at least an open proprietary format, you should either use OsmAnd or Navi, and also stay away from Tomtom or others.
  • Why would you want to?
  • first we are not part of Sygic, not sure how you arrived at this incorrect conclusion
    secondly, you can use this tool to import

  • Importing is not the problem, as I clearly stated once you're in, you can't get your POI's out again and convert to another system. With ov2 it's simple to do that.
    That's my complaint. 

  • you get your POIs to other programs from your source file
    why would you want to import and then export the same data?

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