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  • The panels at the bottom of the screen, when in landscape mode, take up far too much of the height of the screen, for my liking.  With the road number added they consume about a quarter of the height of the screen.  I would like to be able to move those panels to the side and have the road number in a small rectangular box in one corner.  Can this be done?

    Harry (R)
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  • it cannot be done
    what resolution is your screen?
  • I don't know what the resolution is but it is very high.  It is an 10.5 inch Asus transformer though I have it on my wife's Nexus 7 and my Moto g Phone.  The problem is not the same on the phone as I use that portrait but the others I use landscape.

    Yours Harry (R)  
  • nexus 7 is 1280x800, which is quite low by today's standard
    Transformer depends on model, some 1280x800, some higher
  • I thought I'd check it out and you are right about the transformer, though the resolution seems pretty good to me though I can see the pixels with my strongest specs.  The Nexus, however is 1920*1200 which is flawless to my eyes with those specs.

    Maybe the developers could look into the panel configuration and the waste of screen space by the road number.

    Harry (R)
  • I looked at spec fo nexus 7 and it said 1280 x 800

    on my device (1280x 720) panels occupy less then fifth in landscape

    to move infopanels to one side means moving all other items and that is a quite big intervetion, at the end you would end up with something similar to portrait mode
  • Hmm, not convinced about the panels but no time to elucidate, will do so when I get back from trip.  My wife's Nexus is a 2014 model and I think that is the resolution difference.

    Harry (R)
  • @tomas:
    How about a transparent (or rather semi-transparent) background for the panels?
    Not crucial for me, but I believe that a lot of users would appreciate such an option.
  • Nexus 7 version 2012 has resolution 1280x800
    Nexus 7 version 2013 has resolution 1920x1200

    it is not good for navigation - it must be contrasted to be easy readable
  • Transparent panels (not semi), excellent idea.  Opaque border and symbols, yes please, developers.

    Harry (R)

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