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  • Hi,

    let me state that this is the best navigation I've used so far - in terms of UI, route calculation and overall usability.

    The things where it would need an improvement to catch up with the competition are:
    - map design - the design of maps looks like from the last decade and could use an update
    - navigation on the map - zooming, trying to scroll left/right - I own a Nexus 5 and it's rather laggy
    - 1s lag of the navigation arrow that represents your current position when you drive - I know it's caused by the 1s refresh from the GPS but this could be smoothed out by predictive analysis of the current location

    Thank you
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  • Same here. In my opinion the map design is a little bit outdated, but it's not bad. But the lag of the arrow is sometimes difficult, especially when having complex turning maneuvers.

    Another idea is: make it possible to import places from Google links (for example by pasting the link into the Google search mask in Mapfactor). It should be possible to use the full Google search in Mapfactor on Android (at the moment only adresses possible).
  • I also noticed that some navigations out there treat the highway and various multi lane roads as 2 separate roads (one that goes your direction and one that goes the opposite way) - exactly as drawn on openstreetmap.com. It seems to me that mapfactor combines these two roads into one. Is it possible to somehow adjust this in mapfactor as well.?

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