Google Serach - no house numbers
  • Hi folks,

    I'm pretty sure that this problem is not related to Mapfactor but it seems that the google search engine does not show house numbers in some towns anymore. For example - Kosuty, Slovakia - you can't search for a specified house number. But you could have done it few weeks ago.

    I noticed that the search does not work on the neither - it just gives me a general region of Kosuty but not the specific house.

    I was wondering whether this is permanent from Google or is it just a glitch in their systems...if it's permanent than it would be good to consider a different search engine - maybe bing maps in the future
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  • Hi Tantum,
    is it street number or house (village) number, e.g. Kosuty 205 ?
  • Hi Tomas

    this particular town has no streets so Kosuty 8 for example
  • I think it is because it is not in TomTom maps, which, I am quite sure, Google uses for Slovakia
    interestigly I found it in free maps
  • The strange thing is that it's always been there before. I checked for other smaller villages as well and it's the same issue. I believe now that there must have gone something wrong when they updated their search engine with Tom Tom maps

    Thanks for the quick reply, I hope they will fix this very shortly

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