Link roads and "Take the next exit"
  • It seems as if Navigator (Android) would give "Take the next exit" instructions for every road that is mapped in OSM with *_link. This is good on motorway exits, but bad on minor road types (primary and lower).
    OSM: Link Roads

    Example: Drive vom here to there.
    Until recently, the crossing was was mapped as a simple junction without the link road. Thus Navigator correctly instructed "turn right."
    As there is seperate way for right turns, I have added it as *_link. Now Navigator will instruct "take next exit".

    Please reconsider it.
    Please keep also in mind that link roads already help you:

    But let's here from other users first.
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  • @mdx What are your thoughts about my issue?
  • IMHO only highway=motorway_exit should used to identify a exit
  • In England, Germany and here in the Netherlands we have 4-lane (2 separated forwards/two backwards) trunk roads which have exits as well.
    In one of the posts in this forum (can't find it back) we had a discussion about a normal 2-lane road (1 forward/1 backward not separated) which also had exits. I also encountered them around the Boden See and in Denmark to make the crossings itself safer.

    And note that many roads going underneath or over viaducts, also in towns,  have exits leading toward the viaduct.

    If it is really an exit it should be called an exit. If it is a crossing or junction with a just "take the right" or "take the left" it should not be called an exit.
  • Motorway_junction is not only used on motorways:
    but is also applicable to other roads with numbered or named junctions including some highway=trunk and highway=primary roads

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