Feature Request: Display GPX track information
  • Refers to:  Tools -> Record/Replay/Manage GPS files menu

    In the NMEA/GPX part you can tap a GPX/NMEA track file and then you have several options.
    What I miss is a "(Display) Information" option.
    Yesterday I did walk a small distance with tracking on and I can display it on the map afterwards, but I miss the information. It means that I have to open the (Mapfactor Navigator) track in OsmAnd (or some pc application), to display what I have done.

    All information is in the track file and you need to read it anyway and it only requires a few extra variables to display it.
    Something like:

    Distance: 2.56 km (366 points)
    Start time: 2015-01-09, 12:08:09
    End time: 2015-01-09, 12:36:17
    Time: 28:08
    Average height: 5 m
    Descent/Ascent 103 m, 130 m
    Average speed: 5.46 km/h

    The only "difficult" part is whether you need to display it in miles or in kilometers.
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  • "The only "difficult" part is whether you need to display it in miles or in kilometers."
    I'd say to determine it from the already existing settings.
  • You're right. What I meant to say/type is: "The only difficult part is whether you need to calculate...." but that's maybe because I'm used to kilometers. It doesn't matter of course whether you define a distance in kilometers/miles/yards/nautical miles/etc and divide it through some time period.
  • I think it is a reasonable idea, I will pass it on

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