Navigator FREE + Targa PNA E4330T = working perfectly
  • First of all: Thank you very much for the excellent software. I just tested the Navigator FREE software with OSM maps on my old Targa PNA E4330T navigation device.

    To install Navigator FREE do:

    1) Connect the PNA E4330T to the PC using the USB cable.
    2) To free space on the internal 2 GB delete the "maps" folder. (This can be done within the Windows file explorer).
    3) Install and start Navigator Install Utility.
    4) The device will not be recognized as PDA from the Navigator FREE software. Instead, just choose installation on a memory card. Then install directly to the "Targa" folder on the internal device memory.
    5) Install some OSM maps.
    6) Delete the original "Traveller.exe" file and rename the "Navigator.exe" to "Traveller.exe".
    7) Disconnect the device and restart.
    7) Done.

    It just works perfect.
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  • I have followed the steps but realise I do not have the 'navigator.exe' to rename to 'traveller.exe'.

    I have tried to access the Targa but it now tells me I have no maps. Would it be possible to help me gain access to the .exe file?

    thanks in advance

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