Maps don't show house numbers on less traveled streets (although they are mentionned on OSM maps)
  • Congratulations for the GPS application. It's excellent ! It's however a pitty that the house numbers on less traveled streets (in France and Belgium at least) are not taken over from OSM. Even if we can't make a search on them, it would be nice to have them at least mentionned on the map !
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  • Can you give an example? To be able to check how these housenumbers are added to OSM?
  • yes, here is one example (I can give you more if you want).

    28 Wilgenlaan, Steenokkerzeel, Belgium.
  • problem seems to be that the number is not linked to any street, may be you can correct it?
  • can you explain me how to correct it ? thank you.
  • The number 28 is connected to a street. That address is entirely correct.
    The other addresses are wrong. I just added street and city to the other houses.

    Please check them in Create an ID and then you can edit in either ID or Potlatch2.
    Note that you can Ctrl-Select to select multiple houses at once to add streetnames and cities. The same can be done for postcodes but I'm not sure that it possible for entire streets at once (not in Holland at least)

    (Please note that creating relations between streets and addresses is deprecated.)

  • You've done it one hour ago? ;-)
  • many, many thanks. Yes, I did it for 28 one hour ago. Now that you explained me how to do it for a range of houses, I will continue to update it.

    By the way, is it not possible for you to change the application so that house numbers are recognized even without streetnumbers ? This because I found that many many house numbers are not linked to a street name. I understand that because OSM does not oblige to enter the street name when entering a house number.

    Anyway, many thanks and happy New Year
  • No. It is not possible to recognize house numbers. Please note that the data origin is one big  "database" of objects.
    Objects are "linked" together if they have common data. If there is no common data they can't be linked.
    So an address needs an addr:housenumber="01", addr:street="abcdefg" (to link it to the object street with name="abcdefg") and addr:city="abcdefghijklmnop" to link to the object place (with key="city" and name="abcdefghijklmnop").
    And optionally (but recommendable) a postcode to link it to a postcode area.

    You see a map and you see that the house is close to a street. That's not how it works in a database or a big xml file or an osm protobuf (.osm.pbf) file.

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