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  • The map scale function is one of my favorite improvements since I know Mapfactor Navigator. As I am a fan of numbers: Is there a file where the three values of the scales are stored to be able to reproduce them exactly?

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  • /data/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/shared_prefs but it is not accesible without root
  • Can someone please explain how the 3 numbers in Settings > Map scale are supposed to work? I have varied each of
    • Text size
    • Road size
    • Icon size

    but I can't see any change to the visible map.

    I want to make the text (road names, city names, POI names) larger. The only way I could find to alter their size was via Settings > Map color > Day > AutoPilot Day (large fonts), or similar large font item in the list.

    If I use the default Day color scheme the road &  city names are so small as to be unreadable.

  • in settings/map scale left is smaller, right is larger
    it works fine for me
  • Thanks tomas. I'm using a 420dpi phone. The attached screen capture is with the text slider to the far right and AutoPilot Day (large fonts). I can now see that when zoomed further in the text size is adjustable and quite good, but at the zoom level in the screen capture it is *really* difficult to see the text at all. With OruxMaps (for example) there is a scaling number instead of a slider, and I can therefore set the text size as large as I want. Could the far right of the slider map into a higher scaling factor, or as a workaround is there an XML numeric setting?

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