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  • When adding a searched address to my places can we please have an option to return to the map or at least the main menu. At the moment you have to back out of the search function with the back button, that's at least 10 presses of the back button to get back to the main menu. Very frustrating. I have mentioned this before but have had no responses. Do others not find this annoying?
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  • press back to get back to search, once there press menu button
    alternatively select favourite and show on map
  • Thomas you have not read through my post. That is exactly what I am complaining about. To get back to the menu you have to PRESS THE BACK BUTTON 10 TIMES, if you save the search in my places there is no other way back to the main menu.
  • I think that you have not read my comment properly :-)
    from My places pres Back once and then pres Menu
  • @tomas
    what you describe is the behaviour when you go from menu to my places, yes then back takes you back to the menu.
    If you do what Roldorf does "Back" takes you back stepwise through the whole search process again until you reach menu. I didn't need 10 times back but it depends what you have done while searching.

  • no, what I describe is when you set favourite from Search
    you can click Menu at any stage of Search and choose to go to Map or start search again

    by Menu I mean button on your device
  • Ok, got it. You mean with the Android menu button. Then you can indeed go back to map with 2 clicks.
  • I agree that when you go direct to my places there is indeed only one back to take you back to the menu. However when saving the result of a search to my places you are taken to favourites. There is no menu button there to take you back to the main navigator menu. I use a tablet (samsung tab 2) there is no android menu button which will take you back to the navigator main menu. The only way to leave favourites and stay in navigator is with the android back button. This then takes you back to the search screen, again no navigator  menu option back again to enter street, back again to enter city back again to enter country, back again to exit the search menu, THEN you come to the main menu of navigator. Version 1.4.18. Its also the same long┬┤winded process on my smartphone (moto g2)
    Version 1.4.21
  • @Roldorf
    If you have gone through the search process and landed in My Places, then press once the back button and then the Android menu button, that's the one with the 2 rectangles. Then you get a menu with 3 choices:
    a) leave search
    b) show last selection
    c) back to map
    So you need just 2 clicks to go back to the map.
    I think every Android device has these 3 bottons: Back, Home and Menu
  • Thanks Uli but if i follow your instructions i get after pressing the two rectangles key, task manager, google and close all. Android 4.2.2 and android 4.4.4
  • Thanks for your feedback and sorry then I don't know.
    I use a Samsung Galaxy myself with 4.2.2 and it behaves like every other Android device I have come across so far. I'm not familiar with the Tab 2 models.
  • devices without Menu button have it  in Navigator  -  three or four vertical lines button
  • Hi Tomas, I have taken a screen shot after pressing the back arrow once
    after storing the search result in favourites and as you can see there
    is no Android menu button. I don't know why as others including yourself
    seem to have it. Sorry I don't seem to be able to insert the screen shot. I get body is 12,000 chars too long.

  • I guess I will just give up on this one.
    If anyone else has this problem here is what I do:
    View your search result on the map and then save it as favourite from there.

  • just email it to support
  • Thanks Tomas for your quick reply to my mail. Look forward to a fix it's been bugging me for ages.
  • I started another thread with the same complaint and was pointed here.

    Uli suggested that you can use the notifications from the top and touch "return to navigator".

    Finally a shortcut instead of 8 back clicks. Works a charm.

    And yes, there are lots of phones and tablets with no menu button or menu displayed by Navigator when in search.

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