Enable / Disable voice announcement of waypoints
  • I mostly create my own routes or utilise routes created by others. Most of my routes have on average 20-30 key waypoints to ensure a consistent navigation route will be calculated/created at all times ( this is easily but sometimes time consuming in testing the route by simulating or live testing).

    I would like the option to suppress / switch off the audio announcement on reaching each waypoint  ( I hope the function is available and I failed to find it.).

    Ideally it would be great if an attribute is added to enable or disable waypoint announcement on each waypoint.

    The main reason is to have only the necessary announcements as sometimes there are too many announcements in a very short time that could be confusing especially if depending on audio more than visual direction ie riding a motorcycle. 

    BTW -To me --  following a pre-recorded route is what puts MapFactor Navigator above the rest. Not many systems can do that - well done to the designers/developers. 

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  • If you are using tts voice, you can edit the tts.xml (in Navigator folder) and delete the text "waypoint reached". Or you can replace it with any other text you prefer.
  • Hi

    I'm afraid I am using a recorded voice. The only choice available -- Settings > Languages > Voice Engine -- is Pico TTS and is not in English.

    Am I doing it wrong?

    Your suggestion sounds as a good workaround

  • First of all - what is your actual language?

    You can install any tts voice you like. I am using Google tts in my native language. Once installed or activated (my Google tts app was deactivated) you can use it in Navigator language settings.
  • English.

    also, in case it's relevant, I am not using the Google download app. I use a blackberry 10 device.

    I guess you have realised by now how much I know... not a lot :\">
  • Sorry I have absolutely no idea how to deal with blackberry....
  • I think you can still go to Google Play and install Yvonna TTS
  • Both, thanks

    Unfortunately google play wont accept Blackberries - its shame they are not on amazon. Lets hope BB and Google will strike a deal soon or more choices are made available as default in Navigator in addition to PICO.

    Chattiewoman - you helped me getting a better understanding of Navigator - more to learn....

    I hope more effort is added to enhancing following pre-recorded routes - I am sure I am not the only one who use them or am I ?
  • Yes, I use Snap and Amazon to download Android apps. In this case I have downloaded the engine from Snap and it was installed with no problems.
    But the voice does not install whether being downloaded from within the app or via Snap. Its checks for the Google Play licence which is not available for the Blackberry platform - hence the message "resources not available".
    Just my luck .... I have been using blackberries since they started and I cannot get my head round the Andoid or iOS OS..... and I tried really hard but too old to learn new tricks :)
  • google search: Ivona for Blackberry?

    Here You are, but didn't tested:
  • Thanks - this is the same one downloaded from Snap - problem is downloading the voices - but thanks for the link its quite interesting.

    Anyway this could be a workaround but the ideal solution is to make the choice available from within the app and for the recorded voices as well.

    I am desperate to see some enhancements specifically for recorded routes such as

    1- Automatically disregard a missed Waypoint (ie due road closure) after a set time or distance or closed to the next waypoint and navigate to the next waypoint.
    2- Add a "Stop" in the route ( same as CoPilot)
    3- Suppress Waypoint announcements
    4- Step by step simulation of route
    5- Unload a loaded route (can only unload displayed by deleting all waypoints - unless I missed a command somehow)

    I will persevere

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