Navigating a pre-recorded route
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  • Not sure what you want with sending smilies.
    You're probably looking for "Route importer" in Google Play or search here in the forum for importer

    Only applies to Android
  • mat be stavrich could explain what he wants to do, so that we can advice
  • oops! This is strange - my question has vanished or not posted at all.

    This is my question.

    I have copied a gpx route created in RouteConverter ( ) and can load it via Options. It loads and displays.

    What I would like to do next is to follow this route as displayed with full turn by turn navigation. That is navigating from one waypoint to the next.

    Is this possible, if yes, how do I start the navigation?

    I would like to create my own routes, use recorded routes or use routes created by other motorcyclists.

    I hope this is posted correctly

    Many Thanks

  • I never used this converter, but if iy creates file in My places/my routes then you just click on it and select load

    then you choose Navigate from the main menu
  • Thanks for this information...

    I think I can see now what I am not doing. RouteConverter creates the ( route / track ) but will not save it in My Places / My Routes.

    I copied the gpx file in the GPX directory and load it via Tools > Record/Replay/Manage GPS Files > GPX. -

    Although it loads and displays the route I cannot save it in My Places / My Routes

    I need a way to import / save my routes into My Places / My Routes.

    Thanks Tomas

  • just display it and create waypoints by clicking on the map
    once routing point set is created, you can save it in My places
  • You can create routes in routeconverter. Than convert this route with RouteImporter. RouteImporter will directly place it in Navigator free as a route making it possible to completely use this as a route.
  • Thanks guys - you are both great!

    I have installed RouteImporter and imported some files - problem solved!

    Now moved to the testing stage.

    One problem with pre-recorded routes is the behaviour when a waypoint is missed, due to a road closure or any other reason, the app insists of re-calculating back to the missing waypoint although the next waypoint has been reached.

    The Garmin Zumo 390 has the option to ignore or bypass a waypoint - still annoying as you must stop (being on a motorcycle) and physically key in the instruction to "ignore" the "passed" waypoint.

    Ideal solution is to ignore the missed waypoint after say a time limit or distance limit of ignoring the redirection to the "missed waypoint".

    Is this feasible or technically impossible?


  • How MF handels missed waypoints, is already discussed on other topics like for example. There seems to be some room for improvments :-)
  • Thanks for pointing this out to me - I will add my comments to that discussion.

    Any idea how to get a suggestion on to the "change request list" for the developers or project members to evaluate and hopefully deliver the enhancement ( I will add this to the other discussion)

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