Chinese 2 DIN with Wince
  • Hi everyone out there :)

    I ordered a chinese 2 DIN with Wince 6.0.

    I'm pretty sure it comes with some old iGo as it use to.

    So i have been searching for some new software, free will be best :D

    Found some crack out there, i'm not so much in to that.. And they cant really tell if it works for the chinese 2 Din's or not.

    So now i found this!! :D Work great on my android phone!
    So now for the question:
    -Will this work for chinese 2 DIN with wince 6.0?
    -Will it expire with time? (free maps)
    -If it does work, is it just to locate everything in one map to the SD card, and run the .exe file from the navigator (2 DIN) ?
    I know that you probably got these question 100 times, but cant really find anything straight out there..

    A quick tutorial will be much appreciated!! 

    Thank u so much so far!! :)
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  • it should work
    there is no expiry
  • How about the installation part, am i right with just putting everything into on map?


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