Use Navigator Free on a Viamichelin X-970T GPS
  • Thanks to Navigator Free, I was able to give a second live to my old Viamichelin X-970T GPS!
    Viamichelin stoped manufacturing GPS some years ago, and you cannot update the maps anymore.
    Hopefully I was able to install Navigator Free on it, and I now have a brand new GPS with maps from all over the world for free!

    To install Navigator Free on the VM X-970T:
    - On an empty SD card - this way you keep the original card just in case... - (I recommand a 2 Go card), create a "InstallSD" folder
    - Download Navigator Free set-up utility
    - With the set-up utility, install Navigator Free on the SD card in the InstallSD folder: choose "Install the software" / "Install Pocket Navigator" / "Windows CE device" (the VM 970 runs on Windows CE 5)
    - Still with the set-up utility, install the maps you wish in the same folder: choose "Install Data", and install the language too.
    - In the InstallSD folder, rename "Navigator.exe" to "InstallSD.exe"

    There are some missing Dlls on the Viamichelin that you need to install too. Here is the list:
    coredll.dll, ole32.dll, oleaut32.dll, shlwapi.dll, wininet.dll, ws2.dll, zlib.dll
    Type "download coredll.dll, ole32.dll, oleaut32.dll, shlwapi.dll, wininet.dll, ws2.dll, zlib.dll" on google and you should find them, for example on:
    Copy the Dlls on the SD card, still in the same folder.

    Insert the SD card in the GPS and perform a soft reset (insert a paperclip in the back).

    Navigator Free should start and you will be able to configure it.
    Navigator Free will propose COM1, 4800 bauds for the GPS, select this.
    In Settings / Language, select your language (ex: "Français") and the language for the Voice (ex: "Français: Mapfactor").

    If I did not forget any step, you now have a new GPS.
    Thank you MapFactor for providing this great sofware!

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  • hi
    i try to give a second live to my Viamichelin X-970T.
    I follow step by step your instruction.
    All files are in InstallSD repertory and also the maps (*.MCA)

    When i start my X-970T, i have this message : "Pas de carte dans le système" "OK";
    If i perform a soft reset i receive the same thing !

    Where can i'd do an error ?

    Thanks !

    ViaMichelin Navigation 6.5.4 (Buid 163) (on the original SD Card)
    Version ROM 1.0101.0409

  • I am trying to find ws2.dll but there seem to be hundreds of different "versions". I am  not a techie so which version do I need to load on to my X-970T?

  • *** Yes it works ! ***

    Thank you inazuma69 I followed your instructions, hardest part was finding missing dlls.

    I get them from an archive for MioPocket. Search for example 'MioPocket 4.0 Release' (a valid link :
    Then from /MioAutoRun/System/CE5/ directory, extract coredl2.dll, ole32.dll, oleaut32.dll, shwapi.dll, wininet.dll, ws2.dll, zlib.dll.

    Put them into your 'InstallSD' directory along with all 'Navigator' software files. Rename 'Navigator.exe' to 'InstallSD.exe'.

    With no SD card in the GPS, do a Hard Reset (with a pin push the reset button on the back, then press the start button few seconds, a countdown will appear on the screen, keep your pressure until the end).

    Insert your fresh card, et voilà :)


    Enjoy !

    source :

    ps: @roland I get the same error message, a Soft Reset was not enough you need to do a Hard Reset.

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