Mad map crashed Android App - re-download map(s)
  • I may help somebody, who has similar issues.

    Starting last weekend my Android app every time crashed, when it seemed to need the map (search locations, navigate etc.) When I noticed, that PC Navigator did even not start to the map (of Germany), I thought, there may be something with the Germany maps.

    In the PC setup utility part of selecting the maps I unchecked the German maps, confirmed and checked the German maps again, what resulted into a new download of the relevant maps. Those maps (also transferred to the phone) brouht life back to PC Navigator as well as the Android map.

    There must be somethin gone wrong with a previous map download I assume.

    By the way, support could not help. I had sent the log files to support using the relevant function right from the Android app. Support answered, that there were no attachments to the mail they had received. I was asked to use another mail-agent. I checked an found the mail including all attachments in the sent folder of K9. I forwarded the mail three times to my mailaccounts (same and different) and received all three mails including all attachments in my PC's Outlook. I forwarded from there again to the given Android support mail-account of mapfactor. Approx. 27 hours later I asked, if they could consider my issue and they answered, that they could even not find any mail from me ...

    Now I wonder, where the problem could be. Somebody must have eaten up my attachments and mail.
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  • I am also using K9 and faced the same problems when sending logs. The email was received, but nothing attached. So I assumed this is a K9 bug. However, I did not test sending to my own address, and viewing the result on PC.

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