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  • Yesterday evening I tried to find "night mode" on the phone while driving - and failed to activate it in due time. In Android it takes nearly 10 screen contacts from the nagivation map to activate night mode and back to the navigation map. That's to much and dangerous - especially, when you are driving at night.

    Night mode should be available with two or three tabs maximum.

    Something as: tap and hold somewhere on the map opens a menu with one field that toggles day and night mode. Tapping this toggle field should close the menu immediatly.
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  • I more and more like the idea of having a fast night mode button.
  • Why dont you set automatic choice for day- and nightmode. Any little helper inside the phone or anywhere knows, when it's getting dark and the sun rises at your position.
  • Because I use Navigator as often as for navigation just to look after itineraries at home. There I don't need and want night mode.
  • I have had a few occasions where the night mode did not start even when set to automatic

  • @Oldie:
    OK about your reasons. I do the same but my standard is automatic. Ad home I have all the time to change without any risk. Because it's mainly a tool in use by driving, I prefer it that way.
    The problem is to find priorities and usability for each function on these small screens.
  • I agree with hurdygurdyman. In the car I want it to function automatically: no fiddling with taps, or incorrect taps, which makes it even more dangerous, because you are focussed at the screen and not at the road, no matter whether it is about 2-3 taps or 10 taps. It's the same as being distracted by the social media causing so many accidents.
    Besides, it takes me 6 taps in total and one top2bottom swipe to set and get back to the map, so why the mentioned "nearly 10 screen contacts"?

    Edit: When I say focussed on the screen I mean something totally different than having a quick glance whether I have the right exit (at a roundabout or so)
  • I have switched to automatic night mode and night mode was too late. I was rainy yesterday and night mode started only, when it was dark for half an hour already. Still want to have a manual fast night mode switch ...
  • There are two ways to automatically switch day/night mode: By time as it is currently implemented (can also be sunset/sunrise times) or by light sensor. Not all phones have light sensors though. If your phone has a light sensor, then that would be the optimal way of switching automatically to day/night mode.
    Might be worth a feature request.
  • When I started this morning, it was still dark outside. But the screen was already bright on day mode. So automatic mode does not match outside's brightness.
  • It is handled by Android. Navigator only sets nightmode to automatic
  • That is, why I would like to change from automatic mode to a manual mode, which is accessible fast and not only via a big number of tabs.

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