Please include Compass sensor to show direction of heading (if you don't move)
  • My biggest wish for an improvement would be to implement the compass feature.
    I use Mapfactor often also for walking. Just imagine you go out of the subway station: Most it is not clear, in which direction I have to go.
    If the arrow would point into the direction I hold the phone, that would help a lot!
    You might think, this is not your focus use case. But same problem is, when you come with a car out of a garage.

    Do you think this can be implemented in soon?
    Please don't forget show the direction (or compass needle) also in case GPS hasn't yet already a fix.

    PS.: I am aware, that compass is not 100% reliable in some environments.
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  • compass is available in the latest version
  • Mh, found the settings, activated both checkboxes. Compass is calibrated (shown in advanced options).
    Open a Map but couldn't see a needle or something which gives me a hint that it works.
    Are there other preconditions (GPS fix?).
  • click the three mode button, bottom right
    you will see bar at the top
  • I get some "No position yet" only.
  • ?? I do not understand
  • Do I press wrong button? While showing the map I have at the button 3 boxes (I remember speed, time to destination ...), and obove the most right one there is a "map" icon. If I don't have GPS fix and press on it, I get the message, "no GPS position".
    The only other buttons are "+" and "-".
    Maybe I have to add, that I am working on a Android device. Maybe it is different for other platforms?
  • that is the correct button, press more then once

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