Map "store" buttons are unresponsive
  • Having just bought some TomTom maps I'd like to mention that the store buttons are quite unresponsive/ very slow when tapped. There is sometimes 1 to 5 seconds between tapping a button and the app responding by going to the next screen or providing some feedback. There is generally an hourglass animation but itself is slow to be displayed. Sometimes you don't think you have tapped, and tap again, only to find it was just very slow. Having bought maps in other apps I can say from experience it can be a much improved experience. I am using a fast Wifi internet connection so this is not to blame. After the payment there is a "transaction complete" screen with a big wide red Finish button. I tapped this many times, there is a brief change in button shading, but nothing else happens. Very confusing. I eventually gave up pressing the Finish button, tapped the unnamed small red X, and discovered you now go back to the "download maps" menu. It's not a big deal but think it could certainly be improved.

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