[✔ANS] What are the online features? Avoid wasting mobile data. Android
  • Hi,

    I know about the google queries (address, places, coordinates) that required being online (which by the way is a very few amount of data, so it's ok).

    However my question is during navigation: Does Mapfactor use any mobile data in navigation mode? 

    I just want to avoid any surprise and overpass my mobile data plan. By the way, is there a way to configured the map update (download) only on WiFi?

    Thanks in advance
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  • Your data allowance shouldn't be affected as the maps are stored on your device so won't use any data when navigating.

    If you try to download map updates when you're not connected to WiFi  you'll get a warning message telling you that you're about to download a large amount of data using your mobile network. You can then choose to cancel the download & try again when you're connected to WiFi.

  • Thanks.

    Actually I get a full list of the online features from the g+ beta community

    In principle, when the right settings are done, there should be almost no data consumption.

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