Speed Indication
  • On a recent journey the indicated speed limit showed 30mph on 70mph roads.  The speed warning operated correctly at 77mph as did the flashing limit indication. Any ideas?
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  • Which version is this? I'm currently running version 1.3.43 on a Motorola Moto G. On a shorter journey last night on 30 & 40mph roads it seemed to be OK. I'll keep an eye on it & let you know how it goes.
  • @jd417:
    It could be helpfull to solve your problem, if you would give us the name and location of the road or part of it. Often its not a mistake of Mapfactor but wrong data in OpenStreetMap, we could check with local information.
  • You are already using the latest version.
    Can you remember where approximately the wrong sign appeared? If so, use the map to define start and end point, calculate the route and run the simulation under tools to find the exact position.
  • It was in the north east of England while travelling south on the A19 from the junction with the A690 near Sunderland to the junction with the A174 south of Middlesbrough & then along the length of the A174 travelling east to Redcar. I've checked the sections of road in OSM & they are correctly labellled with 70mph speed limit.

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