Elevation support + Kalman Filtering : OsmAnd Maps & Navigation has them ...

  • Elevation Support + Kalman Filtering : OsmAnd Maps & Navigation has them ...

    OSM provides a free map with global corrections for elevation, but to what extent it is used to optimise walking or driving routes is unclear. 

    OSM makes available Kalman filtering for "GPS only" Android units, as the GPS + GLONASS in many Android units are a lot harder to confuse. 

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  • OSM's elevation dataset may be open source or in the public domain already. 

    In any case, if elevation is used in route planning -- it should not be used for the initial route solution -- as that would consume too much CPU power [and memory] on most of the handheld and tablet devices that MapFactor supports. 

    However, for refining a route after an initial route has been found ... elevation knowledge would be highly useful.

    For car and industrial transport users -- the initially computed route is not really used as road conditions require some kind of route change 99% of the time. 
  • It is available since 2005. See here and here.
    Download here. It is indeed what OsmAnd uses and it is used for height correction.
    (All the same site)

    Edit: Search google for WW15MGH

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