alternative route

  • it would be nice if Navigator suggests for example 3
    alternative routes to a destination (km and time for each route will be displayed and they will be shown on the overview map) and the user can select one of them for the navigation.

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  • this is an intereting point - many times I looked at alternative routes on Google maps and NEVR selected any other then the primary
    anybody with different experience?
  • The alternative routes are interesting for users with local knowledge, as navigation devices often propose to drive through town X, but you prefer Y. Or you know, that motorway Z is usually too full and should not be chosen.
  • I often used an alternative route for example for the way back, because I don't like to use the same way twice.
  • I also have a navigon navigator. It also suggests 3 routes one is always a 'scenic' route that avoids motorways and travels the smaller roads. Sounds like a good idea. (Fastest, shortest and scenic).

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