Medion GoPal P4410
  • Hello,

    I have a medion GoPal P4410 with WinCe 5 on it. I've installed Navigator free with the pc software to the internal memory of the device and the maps to a SD card.

    But how can i automatically start up Navigator Free?

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  • With 4440 it is simple:
    - connect Your navi with PC (USB), as HDD
    - make a backup
    - delete all files from internal and external memory (leave only txt file, on external memory card)
    - install Navigator on internal memory and rename navigator.exe to menu.exe
    - add needed dll files to navigator
    - install maps on external memory card
    The end.
  • what do you mean by automatically?
  • I need to know how i can start Navigator Free automatically when i power on my device. For the moment, the default software from Medion starts automatically.
  • menu.exe is the key!
    (Medion 4440)
    If You want delete all files, don't forget leave .txt file from/on external memory card.
  • Hello,

    maybe here: you find a software solution to unlock your desktop. There should be also a hardware solution to open the task bar and then windows explorer. In the end all PNAs are also desktop-PCs with WinCE as OS.
  • Hello, 

    I've connected my gps with USB and i have 3 drives on it. "\" (which is 15,9 MB), "My Flash Disk" and "Storage Card".

    There is nothing on "My Flash disk". On the "\" drive are some folders like Application Data, Program Files, Temp and Windows. 
    I don't have the original SD card anymore, so i don't have any txt file.

    navigator is now installed on the "My flash disk" and maps are on the SD card and i changed the exe name to menu.exe. But when i start my GPS, the default Medion software is still stating 
  • The first disk is ROM, with Windows ('\').
    Check the name of oryginal exe files from "My flash disk" (one of them is default Medion software).


    Try install "Miopocket".

    Navigator should be installed without catalog.
    If default Medion software is located on ROM, install Miopocket.

    If You can't see files on 'My flash disk', use Total Commander with plugin for WindowsCE.
  • Hello,
    here : you'll find a description in german for your P4410. There are also described two hardware ways to get on the windows  desktop to open then windows explorer. 

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